Essentials of Pharmacokinetics for Drug Development

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Irrespective of what therapeutic area or drug target a discovery program pursues, a common bottleneck that cannot be avoided is pharmacokinetics and safety. Thus, all drugs must enter the body, distribute to the appropriate organ or organs, and stay there long enough to be therapeutic yet cause no harm.

Join Professor of Pharmacology, Terry Kenakin of the UNC School of Medicine as he guides you through the amazing progress of assay design and how to use critical assays to avoid failure because of Pharmacokinetics.

This ACS Webinar is moderated by Bryan Tweedy of the American Chemical Society and co-produced with the Office of Career and Professional Education.

What You Will Learn

  • How understanding the main pillars of pharmacokinetics (clearance, volume of distribution) enables understanding and prediction of the whole body pharmacokinetics of a molecule
  • The ways in which medicinal chemists can modify PK properties to manipulate dosing regimens
  • The key assays to quantify PK effects; how they are done and how to interpret data from them


Terry Kenakin
Professor of Pharmacology,
UNC School of Medicine

Bryan Tweedy
Assistant Director, ACS Education, 
American Chemical Society

Co-Produced With

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