Small Molecule COVID Antivirals: New Game Changing Treatments for COVID-19

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The COVID-19 pandemic has made it clear how critical it is for society to have an efficient, well-trained, and coordinated response from the scientific community to address public health needs arising from the rapid emergence and spread of infectious disease.

Join Director George Painter of the Emory Institute for Drug Development and Associate Research Fellow Jamison Tuttle of Pfizer as they discuss the discovery and development of two successful COVID-19 orally available treatments, molnupiravir and nirmatrelvir. Register now to discover how this was accomplished as well as the scientific and organizational issues that impacted their unique processes.

This ACS Webinar is moderated by Christopher Cunningham of Concordia University Wisconsin School of Pharmacy and co-produced with the ACS Division of Medicinal Chemistry, the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists, and ACS Publications.

The recording of this webinar had to be taken down breifly. It will be posted again by March 2, 2022.  

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What You Will Learn

  • Creating a target product profile
  • Use of prodrugs to optimize drug uptake and distribution
  • Role of tautomerization in the mechanism of action of molnupiravir The role SARS 2
  • Main Protease Inhibitor plays in virus life cycle
  • The key design concepts the led to a potent and oral bioavailable main Protease Inhibitor
  • The pre-clinical profile and Phase I exposures of nirmatrelvir


Jamison Tuttle
Associate Research Fellow,

George Painter
Director of the Emory Institute for Drug Development
CEO of Drug Innovation Ventures at Emory (DRIVE)

Christopher Cunningham
Associate Professor,
Concordia University Wisconsin School of Pharmacy

Co-Produced With

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