More Tips from the Trenches: Successful Project Summaries

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Back by popular demand, Celia Elliott will be continuing her Research Proposal World Tour with ACS Webinars. For her second appearance, she narrows her focus to concentrate on writing a persuasive project summary. Celia covers the project summary “musts” for winning research proposals and describes the common mistakes that proposers make. Learn a simple, fool-proof, four step recipe for creating effective project summaries.

What You Will Learn

  • A proposal’s project summary is critical-it is usually the first thing that most reviewers read, and it may be the only thing that some reviewers read.
  • A project summary should be understandable and persuasive to a scientifically literate person; it should not be written for a technical expert in your very narrow specialty
  • Don’t omit essential elements. The project summary must describe the entire project-hypothesis, goals and objectives, methods, data analysis, expected results, significance, and contribution to the agency’s mission.

The Fine Print

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Meet the Expert

Celia Elliott
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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