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Teaching Remotely Together: Lessons Learned

ACS Webinars

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The transition to remote instruction prompted the chemistry community to come together. Chemistry educators at all levels around the world turned to colleagues, professional associations, and educational organizations for resources and advice.

Join Executive Vice President for Education LaTrease Garrison of ACS, Editor-in-Chief Thomas Holme of the Journal of Chemical Education, and President Heather Weck of AACT as they discuss their collective expertise and experiences with ongoing initiatives and zero-hour actions focused on teaching remotely.

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What You Will Learn

  • The resources our community of educators have found most effective for teaching chemistry online
  • How the broader education community is working together
  • Ways remote education is advancing STEM education


LaTrease Garrison
American Chemical Society

Thomas Holme
Journal of Chemical Education

Heather Weck
American Association of Chemistry Teachers

Dawn Del Carlo
ACS Division of Chemical Education