How to Communicate with Difficult People and Not Become One Yourself

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Are you an effective and positive communicator at work? Although it is a vital to your professional advancement, the simple fact is that many communication styles don’t mesh.

Join Consultant and Owner of Game Changing Etiquette Patricia Simpson as she shares ideas about how to be a successful communicator as well as how to deal with people whose communication styles don’t always complement yours. During this edited recording etiquette tips shared will help make some of those situations easier.

What You Will Learn

  • How to make positive, professional introductions and host business guests
  • What to do during negative communication situations (conflict, complaining, negative evaluations, etc.) by first setting a positive foundation
  • How to provide a sincere apology without overdoing it and how to communicate personal responsibility and credibility (as well as how to handle a situation when others don’t)

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The Fine Print

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Meet the Experts

Patricia Simpson
Game Changing Etiquette

Matt Grandbois
DuPont Electronics & Imaging

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