Activities - Committee on Public Relations and Communications

The CPRC works with the Office of Public Affairs–Communications on ACS programs to advance the public appreciation for chemistry and increase communication between chemists and the public. For more information about OPA/CPRC programs, visit the following program websites:

  • Chemistry Ambassadors – Improve the public appreciation for chemistry in your community. By becoming a Chemistry Ambassador, you can help educate people about the importance of chemists and chemistry, while taking part in activities that are engaging and fulfilling for you on your own time schedule.
  • Local Section Public Relations – Publicity for your section can produce pride among your members, and positive news stories about chemistry can improve public appreciation for our profession. The American Chemical Society PR Guidebook and Local Section Public Relations can make a big difference in your section’s visibility.
  • Press Room – A gateway to ACS press resources, including News Releases, weekly PressPacs, the National Meeting Press Center, ACS Blogs, and award-winning Science Podcasts.
  • Helen M. Free award – The Helen M. Free Award for Public Outreach recognizes outstanding achievements in the field of public outreach by a member of the ACS who improves public recognition and appreciation for the contributions of chemistry.
  • Grady-Stack award – The James T. Grady-James H. Stack Award for Interpreting Chemistry for the Public was established in 1955 to recognize, encourage, and stimulate outstanding reporting directly to the public, which materially increases the public's knowledge and understanding of chemistry, chemical engineering, and related fields.
  • Local Section Public Relations awards – These awards are given to local sections in an effort to recognize outstanding efforts by local sections to promote chemistry to the public.