Committee on Divisional Activities


The Council Committee on Divisional Activities (DAC) has responsibility for oversight and coordination of activities of divisions of the Society to ensure that the fields of interest, as they evolve, are served. The Committee also recommends policies to Council and the Board of Directors that enhance the effectiveness of the divisions and the Society.

DAC produces and approves resource documents that guide members as they carry out their roles as division leaders. The subcommittees of DAC oversee activities that provide revenue for the divisions, such as defining the allocation formula that details how funds from the member dues pool are distributed and reviewing proposals for financial support through the Innovative Grants Program.

To meet the needs of an increasingly multidisciplinary science, DAC implemented thematic programming for each national meeting starting in the fall of 2006. Working closely with the divisions, themes for each meeting are selected and special programming is developed around the theme. In 2007, DAC established the Multidisciplinary Program Planning Group (MPPG) to assume duties associated with thematic programming. In 2008, the charge of MPPG was expanded to address not only programming but other issues related to national meetings. The members of MPPG include representatives from all divisions, the Committee on Meetings and Expositions, and committees who regularly program at national meetings.

Every now and then, DAC receives a request from a division to modify its name.  DAC recently updated the division name change process used to help divisions accomplish this goal.

DAC and MPPG need your input! Email your ideas for future thematic programs and organizers.

Benefits of Joining a Technical Division

  • Technical programming in your field of interest
  • The chance to network with professionals
  • Access to specialized publications
  • Technical Division List


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