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Multidisciplinary Program Planning Group Roster

MPPG representatives are appointed by their respective committees or technical division. Please contact your division, committee, or for more details.

2020 MPPG Representatives

Technical Division/Group Representative
AGFD John Finley
AGRO Cheryl Cleveland
ANYL Bryant Nelson
BIOL Yi Tang
BIOT Scott Banta
BGMT Anne DeMasi
CARB Nicole Snyder
CATL Ashi Savara 
CELL Scott Renneckar
CEI Jennifer Tanir
CHAL Sandra Thompson
CHAS Christopher Incarvito
CHED Deborah Broomfield Lee
CINF Andrea Twiss-Brooks
COLL Paul Van Tassel
COMP Luke Achenie
DAC Michael Appell
ENFL Lisa Houston
ENVR Tracey Williamson
ETHX Edward Mottel
GEOC Louise Criscenti
HIST Joe Jeffers
I&EC  Martin Abraham
INOR Michael Johnson
MEDI Patrick Woster
NUCL Jennifer Braley
ORGN Mary Boyd
PHYS Nancy Levinger
PMSE Eva Harth
POLY Kathryn Ulrich
PROF George Heinz
RUBB C. Jeffrey Lin
SCHB Jennifer Maclachlin
TOXI Amanda Bryant-Friedrich
YCC Jennifer Schmitt

MPPG Executive Committee

  • Christine McInnis, Chair
  • Amanda Bryant-Friedrich, Past Chair
  • Glenn Larkin, Thematic Programming Subcommittee Chair
  • Jennifer Maclachlan, Communications & Outreach Subcommittee Chair
  • Jennifer Tanir, Member-At-Large (2018 - 2020)
  • Janet Bryant, Member-At-Large (2019- 2021)
  • Ashi Savara, Member-At-Large (2020 - 2022)
  • Young-Shin Yun, COMSCI
  • Jim Tackacs, DAC 
  • Rick Ewing, M&E