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Meetings & Expositions Committee Roster

2020 Council Standing Committee on Meetings and Expositions
Rick Ewing
Chair, appointment
2020– 2021 Members (two-year appointment)
R. Daniel Libby reappointment
Barry J. Streusand
Dale J. LeCaptain reappointment
Frank J. Torre reappointment
Jeanette M. Van Emon reappointment
Kathryn E. Uhrich reappointment
Margaret S. Lerenberg reappointment
Roger A. Egolf reappointment


2019 – 2020 Members
Aditya "Ashi" Savara One-year appointment
Christine M. Aikens continuing
D. Paul Rillema continuing
Dean C. Webster One-year appointment
Edward P. Zovinka One-year appointment
Gregory P. Foy continuing
Karen I. Goldberg One-year appointment
Kevin R. Kittilstved continuing
Martin D. Perry continuing
Mary Ann Meador One-year appointment
Mr. Matthew K. Chan continuing
Sadettin Ozturk One-year appointment
Scott W. Wildman One-year appointment
Silvia Jurisson continuing
2020 Associates  
Christian R. Goldsmith Reappointment
James E. Duddey Reappointment
Robert E. Sammelson  Reappointment
Stephen G. Tajc  Reappointment
Susan M. Schelble Reappointment

All formal votes of ACS Committees may be made by committee Members only. The Chair of each committee may make use of informal votes or polls to assess the sense of those present. Such informal votes may include committee associates, committee liaisons, consultants and visitors. The Committee on Committees (ConC) encourages Chairs to use informal votes in an effort to retain an air of openness and fairness.