Social Distancing Socials

ACS Social Distancing Socials are virtual gatherings where undergrad and grad students can meet, talk chemistry and make a new delicious mocktail each week. Remember to check back here to learn more about topics we've covered, find new drink recipes, and see the monthly challenge.

Upcoming Social

Some labs are starting to open up and some are not, but one thing is certain—no one is having the summer they expected back in the spring. Take a break with other students during the next Social Distancing Social (TBD) and compare notes on how your summer is going.

The social will begin with the full group together for a few minutes, then split into breakout groups for further conversation. There will be two rounds of breakout groups, so bring all of your stories.

Pour yourself the ACS signature mocktail of the week (provided with registration) and hang out with old and new friends.

The upcoming social will be a Journal Club on October 29, 2020 at 3:00 pm EDT. 

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