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#ChemTour: Nanotechnology

Get a little closer to chemistry each month with the 2022 #ChemTour. This month is all about nanotechnology!

Nanotechnology and nanoscience look at particles and structures on the order of 1 – 100 nm, where chemical properties of materials can be vastly different from single molecule or bulk materials. Consider, for example, how the bright colors of gold nanoparticles differ from the shiny yellow of a gold ring or how the strength and conductivity of carbon nanotubes differs from brittle diamonds.

From drug delivery to pregnancy tests to prosthetics, some of the biggest advances take place at the smallest level. Recent studies have used nanoparticles to identify cancers, create colorful spray-on solar panels, and wearable batteries. Nanostructures, like zeolites and metal-organic-frameworks (MOFs), have precise architecture that can isolate water molecules and separate ethane from propane. You can even make nano-racecars!

Share your favorite nano advance or check out these resources to learn more:

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Nano communities

Get to know people who love nanochemistry as much as you do!

  • Colloid & Surface Chemistry (COLL)
    Promotes discovery, scholarship, and innovation in colloid, surface, interface, and nanomaterials chemistry as pursued by a global and multidisciplinary scientific community
  • Physical Chemistry (PHYS)
    Promotes the research and intellectual exchange in physical chemistry, both experimental and theoretical, through which we understand chemistry. The Division spans the fields of spectroscopy, nanomaterials, biophysics, dynamics, electronic structure, microscopy, quantum dynamics, materials design, energy, astrochemistry and thermodynamics.


Interested in career in nanochemistry? Check out these Careers & the Chemical Sciences and C&EN Talented 12 profiles:


Want to catch up on the latest nanotechnology research? These journals are go-to sources:

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