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Between the often lazy days of summer and the chaos of 2020, it can be easy to let things slide. August is a great time to start taking control again. Do something  for yourself or your community. Need ideas? Check below.

Share your achievements (large & small) using #TakeActionAugust so others can celebrate with you.

Take action for yourself

Take action for your career

Take action for the community

Explore race & diversity
Advocate for science
  • Legislation that may impact the chemical enterprise comes before Congress on a regular basis, and ACS is committed to keeping its members informed and encouraging them to weigh in on high-priority issues. Join Act4Chemistry.
  • The ACS Chemistry Advocacy Workshop is a free, online course designed to train ACS Members who are passionate about science and chemistry advocacy. Participants will learn to successfully plan and execute advocacy activities, as well as have an opportunity to network and build a community with others passionate about science advocacy. 
  • ACS Kids Zone is an event featuring science activities conducted by ACS member to teach the public about the importance of chemistry. 

Take action for your classmates and peers

Start a Student Chapter or Graduate Student Organization
Brush up on cultural etiquette

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Monthly Challenges
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