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October is a great time for outreach. National Chemistry Week (October 18-24, 2020), Mole Day (10/23, of course), and Halloween all make great opportunities to share the impact chemistry has on the world… and have fun doing it.

Your challenge is simple—do some outreach this month and share it with #OctoberOutreach. Do something with your chapter or GSO. Do something on your own. Work with kids, work with adults. Share your love of chemistry with activities, videos, articles… whatever!

Get started!

Types of Events

Even if your school is having in-person classes, virtual events are still the safest option for everyone during a pandemic. Try:

  • Create a demo video
  • Host a teach-in
  • Make a virtual classroom visit
  • Host an online science café
  • Write an article or start a conversation
  • Advocate for science with your legislators 

Sources for Outreach Activities

Find outreach activities that you can do using materials you probably already have at home. 

Shareable Information

Looking for information on a variety of topics to enhance your outreach presentation? Find infographics, recent chemistry discoveries, videos and more from the following sources.

Tips and Training

If you want to do outreach, make sure you're ready to talk to the public. Check out these resources that include a training program for volunteers to tips to help your activities run smoothly. 

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