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Cloth and Chemistry

You're wearing it. What do you know about its chemistry?

The Union Homeschool ChemClub in Union, New Jersey, made it a fun Mole Day celebration in 2016. With the ChemClub Periodic Table of Moles nearby and a stuffed ACS mole watching over the event, they started by calculating the molar mass of several chemicals and then prepared different molar concentrations of sucrose, sodium chloride, and magnesium sulfate solutions.

This has been a very exciting year so far for the Seminole High School Chemistry Club in Seminole, Florida. This is the third year of our school having an ACS ChemClub and we have performed very fun and interesting experiments this year. During our first meeting, we made boats out of cardboard and put a in soap solution to propel the boat forward.

Our ACS ChemClub (Buena Science League) at Buena High School in Ventura, California, has developed an exciting outreach program for local elementary and middle schools. We travel to the local middle schools and spend the day presenting demonstrations to their science classes. In a day, we typically see six classes, with about thirty students per class. 

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Periodic Table of Moles

Buy a copy of the Periodic Table of Moles from the ACS Store! The periodic table was created by 60 ChemClubs last year.

Winning infographics from the 2015-2016 contest were published in ChemMatters magazine this year. Download all 4 today!


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