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Halloween Chemistry

Get creepy with chemistry! We’ve scared up some Halloween demos and activities!

Saratoga Club Picks Up STEAM

ACS ChemClubs come in many varieties, and in our case we are the STEAM club from Saratoga High School (SHS) in Saratoga, California. In case you have not heard the term, STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. We were engaged with lots of different science activities related to art at various events in the San Francisco Bay Area.

ChemClub Tip: Photo Releases

My school (and probably most every other school in the country) requires me to send home a course outline, lab safety contract, and parent sign-off when a student checks into my class. I have now started to include a ChemClub photo release form with the course outline. Now, it is obvious that this will not reach every student that comes and participates in ChemClub activities over the course of the year, but it does reach a large number of them.

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National Chemistry Week (NCW) promotes the value of chemistry in everyday life.

NCW celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2017 with the theme "Chemistry Rocks!" Explore the educational resources, publications, illustrated poem contest, and more! 

Download all 4 ChemClub infographics!

Periodic Table of Moles

Buy a copy of the Periodic Table of Moles from the ACS Store! The periodic table was created by 60 ChemClubs last year.


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