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What is the Heroes of Chemistry Award?

Who are our heroes today? The media recognizes athletes and entertainers, as well as policemen and firefighters, as heroes. Chemistry has its heroes too; they are scientists and engineers who have made the world better through their effort, ingenuity, creativity and perseverance.  The life-saving treatments and conveniences of the modern world would not be possible without the materials, drugs, and other products of chemistry.

Heroes of Chemistry is an annual award sponsored by the American Chemical Society that recognizes talented industrial chemical scientists whose work has led to the development of successful commercialized products ingrained with chemistry for the benefit of humankind.

2018 Heroes of Chemistry Recipients

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The American Chemical Society honors scientists from AstraZeneca for TAGRISSOTM (osimertinib), a novel, targeted treatment for patients with EGFR-mutated non-small cell lung cancer. Osimertinib is approved in more than 75 countries.

Awardees: Sam Butterworth, Ray Finlay, Richard Ward, Michael Waring

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The American Chemical Society honors scientists from DuPont for inventing Solamet® PV17x, the metallization paste that pioneered the use of lead tellurite chemistry, a game changer in the solar energy industry.

Awardees: Alan Carroll, Kenneth Hang, Brian Laughlin, Kurt Mikeska, Charlie Torardi, Paul VerNooy

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The American Chemical Society honors scientists from Pfizer for the discovery and development of Inlyta® (axitinib), a standard of care for the treatment of advanced renal cell carcinoma after failure of one prior systemic therapy.

Awardees: Steve Bender, John Braganza, Anthony Campeta, Brian Chekal, Stephan Cripps, Michael R. Collins, Steven Guinness, Robert Kania, Michele McTigue, Cindy Palmer, Robert Singer, Jayaram Srirangam, Mike Varney, Shu Yu, Scott Zook

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Seattle Genetics

The American Chemical Society honors scientists from Seattle Genetics for the discovery and development of ADCETRIS® (brentuximab vedotin), an antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) that contains the highly potent synthetic drug, monomethylauristatin E, attached to an anti-CD30 antibody through a dipeptide linker.

Awardees: Tim Bovee, Svetlana Doronina, Brian Mendelsohn, Peter Senter, Clay Siegall, Brian Toki

Heroes of Chemistry


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