Green Chemistry Student Chapter Award

Award at a Glance

Recipient Student
Category Community Recognition,  Green Chemistry
DeadlineMay 31, 2024


To provide national recognition for ACS student chapters that have shown outstanding commitment to incorporating green chemistry into their annual activities.


The Green Chemistry Student Chapter Award is an acknowledgement of green chemistry activities conducted by a student chapter. Knowledge of and involvement in green chemistry principles and practices is essential for preparing students for careers in which they can work toward solutions to global sustainability challenges.


ACS student chapters may receive a green chemistry award by providing: 

  • a detailed summary of at least three green chemistry activities during the academic year
  • a brief explanation of why each activity qualifies as an example of green chemistry, and
  • one or more of the 12 principles of green chemistry that directly relate to each activity.

Learn more about what activities are eligible. Please be sure to read about what qualifies as green chemistry activities. There are important differences between green chemistry, sustainability, environmental science, ecology, etc., so be sure you fully understand what “green chemistry” means. If you have questions, please contact the Green Chemistry Institute at


May 31 annually

How to Apply

The chapter report serves as the basis for awarding "green" status to student chapters. Green chemistry activities may be documented in the annual report through minutes, announcements, photographs, and/or newsletters.


Student chapters that apply for the Green Chemistry Student Chapter Award will be notified via email in September.


ACS Green Chemistry Institute

Contact Information

ACS Green Chemistry Institute
1155 16th Street NW
Washington, DC 20036

202-872-6102 or 800-227-5558 ext. 6102

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