On the Safe Side

  • Understanding infrastructure image
    Understanding infrastructure

    Frankie Wood-Black focuses on the intersection of infrastructure, preparedness and safety

  • February is Heart Awareness Month image
    February is Heart Awareness Month

    Our safety expert, Frankie Wood-Black gets to the heart of a critical safety matter

  • New Year's Resolutions image
    New Year's Resolutions

    Start 2021 on the safe side with New Year’s resolutions from our resident safety expert Frankie Wood-Black

  • Pet Peeve image
    Pet Peeve

    Pet peeves. We all have them in life, and in safety. Safety Expert Frankie Wood-Black shares two pet peeves, and explains how they came to be.

  • What's Changed? image
    What's Changed?

    Safety Expert Ken Fivizzani shares the importance of understanding what’s changed when it comes to safety in the lab environment

  • Using your Senses image
    Using your Senses

    Frankie Wood-Black sniffs out the connection between safety and our sense of smell

  • For Whom Does the Alarm Toll? image
    For Whom Does the Alarm Toll?

    Ken Fivizzani explores the sometimes mundane world of alarms, and why we should fight the impulse to ignore them

  • Evacuation Planning image
    Evacuation Planning

    Hurricanes, fires, or being stuck in a stadium – these events sometimes require a hasty evacuation but one can still prepare. Do you have a plan to escape?

  • Safety on Stairs image
    Safety on Stairs

    Every year, an estimated 12,000 American deaths are related to stairway accidents. Read why, and avoid getting injured.

  • Slips, Trips, and Falls image
    Slips, Trips, and Falls

    Read the explanation to why slips, trips, and falls are a perfect example of the “safety iceberg.”

  • Housekeeping image

    Safety Expert Ken Fivizzani talks about the role of ‘housekeeping’ as part of any lab safety audits. He shares over 25 different suggestions for improving the general condition of your laboratory

  • Safety is Not Just About Us image
    Safety is Not Just About Us

    Learn about the concept and essential elements of behavioral safety and how to approach a person that is not utilizing the suggested protections during the current public health situation

  • Living Defensively image
    Living Defensively

    Safety Expert Ken Fivizzani discusses how our health and safety can be threatened anytime by unforeseen circumstances beyond our control

  • Safety and Security image
    Safety and Security

    Safety Expert Frankie Wood-Black discusses the definition of safety, what is so dangerous with the safety features of child locks or caps, and more

  • Responding to Incidents image
    Responding to Incidents

    Safety Expert Ken Fivizzani on how safety is handled at organizations and how equipment setup or procedure can potentially prevent injuries