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Upcoming Events

Chemists Celebrate Earth Week Webinar Event | February 21, 2024

Get a charge out of Chemistry for Chemists Celebrate Earth Week 2024! Learn about the theme, observe activities you can use for your public outreach events, and engage with chemists from the field of electrochemistry.

Powering the Future: The Latest Battery Technologies | March 14, 2024

The rise of electric vehicles, along with increasing demand for energy storage and mobile electronics, coupled with concerns over the availability of materials like cobalt and lithium, have made research into new battery technologies a charged topic. Academic labs and industry alike are hunting for ways to not only reduce costs but also improve the technology by increasing energy density, reducing charging time and increasing lifespan.

Join Erik G. Herbert and Sergiy Kalnaus of Ridge National Laboratory and Nian Liu of Georgia Tech as they explore new battery technologies, including the development of innovative charging methods, such as fast and wireless charging. Register now to discover the mechanics of solid state batteries and ask your questions to the experts.

Register for the Washington University Chemistry Tournament | April 6, 2024

WUCT Is an annual chemistry competition for high school students that emphasizes collaboration and the application of chemistry to everyday life. Teams come from around the country to represent their high school or organization for a chance to demonstrate their chemistry abilities and win individual and team prizes. Organized by the Washington University STEM Education Association, a Washington University student organization, with input from the WUSTL Department of Chemistry, WUCT aims to provide an opportunity for all students with a love for chemistry to further develop their passion.


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