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CCEW 2023 The Curious Chemistry of Amazing Algae

Explore resources related to this year's Chemists Celebrate Earth Week theme, including videos and the latest scientific news.

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Tiny Matters

A science podcast about things small in size but big in impact.  

Could Probiotics Save Coral Reefs? 
Pollution, disease, and climate change are pushing the limits of what coral reefs can withstand. But, despite those harsh conditions, some corals are thriving. Scientists are trying to understand how that's possible, and what they're learning could save these incredible ecosystems from extinction.

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Resources from the Earth Day Network

  • The Great Global Cleanup
    The Great Global Cleanup is a worldwide campaign to rid the environment of waste and plastic pollution for good. 
  • Climate Literacy Communications Toolkit
    Explore ways to raise awareness for climate literacy, spreading the word amongst your networks, and urging your government to make climate literacy a core feature of school curriculum. You will also find key messaging and research on climate literacy. 
  • Foodprint Calculators
    There are many ways to calculate a foodprint. Whichever way you choose, foodprint calculators can help you understand how much your food choices impact the planet.
  • Teach-In Toolkit
    Teach-ins play a significant role in providing communities with the knowledge they need to advocate for a cleaner, more secure future. Use the toolkit to plan an effective teach-in that will bring your community together and build capacity to make change!

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