ChemMatters : February 2010

Teacher’s Guide (Feb 2010)

Activities and resources to facilitate student comprehension.
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Feature Articles

  • Anesthesia: Chemistry in the Operating Room
    Thanks to drugs called anesthetics, surgery and other medical procedures are pain-free. How were these “miracle” drugs discovered and how do they work?
  • The Many Colors of Blood
    Blood can come in many colors. Blue, green, purple, it all depends on the animal. Learn about the chemistry inside the blood that produces these different colors.
  • Battling Wildfires: When Water Won’t Cut It
    To put out wildfires, firefighters use a variety of chemical solutions. Learn about how these solutions work.
  • Green Gasoline: Fuel from Plants
    Gasoline can be produced from plants, and even plant leftovers. It is called green gasoline, it may never run out, and it is good for the environment.

  • The Makeup of Mineral Makeup
    Mineral makeup products are one of the hottest trends in cosmetics. Are they better for your skin than regular makeup?

  • Question from the Classroom
    What is the most deadly poison in the world?
  • Did You Know?
    Scientists create the worlds’ smallest transistor; nitrogen oxides contribute significantly to the ozone hole.
  • Profiles in Chemistry*
    Chris Pollock shares his passion for chemistry and explains how his research activities may lead to better drugs to treat cancer.

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