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ChemMatters Teacher’s Guides feature resources to help incorporate articles into your classroom. Teacher's Guides are available for FREE download with each issue. In each guide, you will find:

  • Connections to chemistry concepts and science standards
  • Teaching strategies and tips
  • Student worksheets
  • Suggestions for additional resources to incorporate into your lessons

Latest Teacher’s Guides: February 2023

Teacher's Guides do not include the ChemMatters articles.

What's in Your Paintbox?: DOC Google Doc

The Chemistry of Shaving: DOC Google Doc

Electric Vehicles! What's the Chemistry that Makes Them Go?: 
DOC Google Doc

What's Chocolate, and How Does Its Chemistry Inspire Such Cravings?: 
DOC Google Doc

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Lesson Plans

Lesson plans feature highly rated ChemMatters articles accompanied by varied student activities and teacher resources.

What Do We Know About Fireworks?

The content of “Fireworks” illustrates many chemistry topics, including redox reactions, thermochemistry, electron structure, spectroscopy, gas laws, and safety

Chocolate: The New Health Food — Or Is It?

The content of “Chocolate: The New Health Food. Or Is It?” illustrates a number of chemistry topics, including oxidation of free radicals in biochemistry, molecular structure, and organic chemistry functional groups.

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