Starter Activities

Fireworks: What Do We Know About Fireworks?

Teacher-Led Discussion Ideas

Use Think-Pair-Share to involve all students in the discussions. First ask students to think about the questions silently, then ask them to share their ideas with a neighbor. Finally, discuss their answers as a class.

Conversation Starters for “Fireworks” (10-15 minutes)

A. Ask students if they enjoy watching fireworks. Call on a few students to explain why they do or do not enjoy watching fireworks.

B. Ask them to think about fireworks. Ask them to individually write their ideas about the following questions:

  1. What do they think is inside a firework?
  2. What are the colors and shapes and sounds of a firework that have most impressed them?
  3. Sketch their impressions of fireworks.
  4. How do they think those effects could be produced?

What Do We Know About Fireworks? (Worksheet 1) Part 1 (10-15 minutes)

Students consider what they already know about fireworks, and in Part 2 they compare their ideas to information from the article.

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