Chemical Reactions

  • The Fate of Calcium Carbonate
    Calcium carbonate is a chemical found in eggshells, seashells, and many other materials. Observe how calcium carbonate reacts with common liquids.
  • A Plaster Master or a Plaster Disaster
    Plaster is made from calcium chemicals. When mixed with water, it hardens, making it great for building materials. See how well calcium works when it gets mixed with other liquids.
  • A Gas Sudstation
    Make a bubbling chemical reaction out of baking soda, vinegar… and a little gas.
  • It's a Gas
    Some chemical reactions make things that we can’t see. So how do we know something is there? See for yourself.
  • Heat Up to Some Cool Reactions
    All chemical reactions have one thing in common: temperature change. Learn the difference between chemical reactions that cause temperature to go up or down.
  • Lose the Blues with CO2
    Carbon dioxide is one of life’s most essential gases. Make a chemical reaction using vinegar acid to see how much carbon dioxide is in the atmosphere.
  • Oxygen - The 21% Solution
    Did you know oxygen causes things to rust? Well… sort of. Observe this rusting chemical reaction to see how oxygen gets used up.
  • Rust—The Crust That Makes Stuff Bust
    Discover which materials make steel wool rust.
  • Pop Rockets
    Learn how to launch your own rocket with this fun experiment.
  • Disappearing Statues
    Find out how acid rain breaks down materials.
  • Polishing Pennies
    Find the best liquid to make some old pennies shine like new.