• Water – Clearly Unique!
    How is water different from other colorless liquids? Try this activity to find out.
  • State Your Solution
    Solids aren't the only things that can break apart, or dissolve. See how liquids and gases can dissolve, too.
  • Recrystallizing Crystals
    Observe the similarities and differences in materials (things you can touch, taste, see or feel) by dissolving and recrystallizing them.
  • Solving Dissolving
    Find out which powerful liquid dissolves sugar the best.
  • All Wet!
    Can all liquids dissolve in water? See for yourself.
  • Release the Grease!
    See if water or detergent solution is better at cleaning lipstick.
  • If Mixing Is Urgent, Try Detergent
    Oil and water normally don't mix. See if there is something that can make them come together.