Chemistry-based technology program resources

Chemistry-based technology programs are programs that focus primarily on preparing students for the workplace. While most are two-year programs, there are some four-year programs. Depending on the emphasis of the program, they have a variety of titles, such as Chemical Techology, Laboratory Technology, Process Technology, Biotechnology, etc. However, they all have chemistry at their core.

The following resources can help you build and strengthen your chemistry-based technology program.

Effective practices

Program-building resources

  • Partnerships
    Partner with employers to ensure your graduates are ready to be hired, and partner with other academic institutions to ensure your students can advance their education
  • Funding
    Find NSF and other grant sources to help you build your program
  • Safety
    Learn how to improve the safety culture on your campus and prepare your students for the highly safety-conscious workplace
  • Instructional materials
    Find skill standards, textbooks, modules, and more

Event Toolkit: Student Skills for Success

Need to bring everyone to the table?

Use our toolkit to set up an event that will bring together industry professionals, two- and four-year college educators, and students.

Need more?

Go to the two-year colleges for more resources, or contact the ACS Undergraduate Programs Office at (800) 227-5558, ext. 6108.