Brazilian Women in Chemistry Award

Award at a Glance

Recipient Chemistry Professional
Category Diversity
AmountUp to $2,000
DeadlineApril 2, 2023


Promote gender equality, focusing on Brazilian Chemistry, and mobilize for a perspective of understanding the impact of diversity on scientific research in the area of Chemistry. Thus, the award seeks to recognize women scientists with relevant contributions and outstanding research in the field of Chemistry and related sciences.


The American Chemical Society (ACS) and the Brazilian Society of Chemistry (SBQ) are pleased to announce the Brazilian Women in Chemistry Award 2023, sponsored by CAS and ACS Publications, divisions of ACS.
The prize will offer each winner:

  • $2,000 USD cash prize;
  • A SciFinder ID valid for 1 year;
  • Membership in the ACS for a period of 1 year;
  • Certificate of the award in English;
  • Tribute plaque in Portuguese;
  • Coverage at C&EN and the SBQ Bulletin;
  • Free registration for a course offered by ACS institute.


With the updated and inclusive definition of 'woman' and 'femininity', we welcome transgender women and non-binary people who are significantly identified with femininity, so that they can compete for the prize, which will be awarded through three categories:

  1. Emerging leader in Chemistry: this award will recognize the achievements of a remarkable young scientist or entrepreneur in Chemistry. This exceptional emerging leader must be up to 40 years old or not have completed her PhD more than 10 years ago;
  2. Industry leader: this award will recognize a woman working in the chemical, pharmaceutical or biotechnology industries, whose research and creative innovations have generated discoveries that have contributed to the commercial success and benefit of society;
  3. Leader in academia: this award will recognize a woman with a consolidated background in academia and whose contribution to scientific research in chemistry has a global and social impact..

How to Apply

For nominations and self-nominations

Judging Process

A panel of jurors will review all nominations received. This group will consist of representatives of SBQ and its Women's Center, as well as representatives of ACS, the international section of ACS in Brazil, scientific societies supporting the project, as well as representatives of academia and industry.

The evaluation criteria of the candidates for the prize will be:

  1. Number of patents or publications;
  2. Involvement in scientific dissemination activities (e.g., events, lecture, participation in interviews and lives that promote scientific dissemination, etc.);
  3. Volunteer activities;
  4. Awards and participation stakes as a member in associations and scientific societies;
  5. Scientific quality and number of publications (taking into account the impact factor, area of concentration, main authorship or corresponding author);
  6. Impact of their research on the advancement of chemistry or related sciences for the benefit of society (e.g. products, patents, mentions and/or awards at local, national or international level);
  7. Creation or formal collaboration with a company or startup, focusing on scientific, social development and technological innovation, including projects with industries and startups.

Each criterion will have the same weight and its sum will select three finalists from each category. From this initial selection, the nine finalists will have their publications analyzed by the editorial team of the Chemical Abstracts Service, which will evaluate the total number of scientific and patent publications, as well as their quality. This assessment will take into account factors such as:

  1. Diversification of scientific topics of publications;
  2. Scientific quality of the content, impact factor of the journals, number of citations, social relevance, among others.

Tiebreaker Criteria

The final decision will be approved by the judges, based on the report produced by the editorial team. The leaders contemplated will be awarded on May 30, 2023, during the Symposium of the SBQ Women's Center, which will take place at the 46th Annual Meeting of the Brazilian Chemical Society, from May 28 to 31, 2023, in the city of Águas de Lindóia - SP, Brazil.

At the time, we will celebrate diversity in science and actions to achieve it. As part of the program, the winners will present their contributions to chemical sciences in Brazil.


CAS and ACS Publications


The Brazilian Women in Chemistry Award is promoted annually since 2018 by ACS and the Brazilian Chemical Society, aim to promote gender equality in chemistry and related areas. The awards have three categories: Leader in Industry, Leader in Academia, and Emerging Leader.

Contact Information

Dr Denise Ferreira
Country Manager of CAS, Brazil

Ms Regiane Alcantara Bracchi
ACS Publications LATAM Manager


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