Start a Chapter

Application Process

Before You Apply

Review ACS Governing Documents, Standing Rule VII, Sec 3. 

The ACS Governing Documents provide for the formation of International Chemical Sciences Chapters of the American Chemical Society.

Review ACS Governing Documents

Send an Inquiry

After reviewing the ACS Governing Documents, you can contact the ACS Office of Global Engagement at to get personalized support and complete the application.

Email us at now.

Work With the ACS Office of Global Engagement

A packet of information will be sent in response.

It will include:

  1. An application form
  2. A statement of criteria and procedures for establishing an International Chemical Sciences Chapters
  3. A copy of Charter Bylaws for Chapters
  4. A copy of the ACS Governing Documents

We will also provide detailed guidance and walk you through the entire process.

Requirements to Start a Chapter

Though not required for the application, all proposed Chapters are encouraged to gain the approval of the relevant national chemical society. 

ACS is committed to cooperating with its sister chemical societies in other nations on matters of membership.

The proposed Chapter application needs to: 

Define the Territory

Not smaller than a state, province, or similar geographical unit. The territory cannot overlap with any existing Chapters.

For example, the defined territory for the ACS Hungary International Chemical Sciences Chapter is the entire country.

Petition Support

At least 25 Members of the Society in good standing with mailing addresses within the defined territory must sign the application for the International Chapter.

Chapter sizes ranges from 50 members for a small Chapter to about 900 members for larger Chapters and vary based on location and member enthusiasm.

The Office of Global Engagement will help you to form the petition to gather and verify the required signatures.

Identify Officers

Specify the interim officers and a contact person. Chapter officers are responsible for efficient operation of their chapters. Responsibilities include presiding over and planning meetings and programs, maintaining membership lists and chapter records, and managing the chapter’s financial assets.

Have Planned Activities

Plan Chapter activities, including a tentative first-year schedule with locations.

Develop Chapter Mission and Strategic Plan

Create a statement of the Chapter’s mission and strategic plan.

Draft a Budget

Outline a budget for the first-year that includes income and expenses.

A Good Chapter Leader Makes your Chapter a Success

An efficient and effective leader needs to have:

  • Good knowledge of the ACS and International Chemical Sciences Chapters
  • Influence in their field and the territory of the Chapter
  • Vitality and energy to ignite the Chapter
  • Dependability
  • Time to dedicate to the tasks of logistics coordination and membership growth
  • Good planning skills
  • Effective communication skills to work with people to clarify duties and tasks
  • Optimism and faith in the value of your chapter and its work

The Chapter benefits from a strong champion and leader to:

  • Guide its preparatory work 
  • Keep membership informed and organized 
  • Fuel member enthusiasm for the importance of developing and maintaining the territory Chapter

Keep Your Chapter Active!

A strong, active Chapter depends on participating volunteers to launch new activities that advance the chemical enterprise, and have a healthy influx of new members to operate the highest possible level when it comes to: 

  • Programs
  • Events
  • Meetings
  • Services
  • Publications 
  • Other activities

For a Chapter to achieve long-term success, reach its goals and do a better job of representing the chemistry profession in various venues, it must continue to attract and engage new members. 

A Chapter’s Responsibilities to ACS

  • On 01 November of each year, the ACS Office of Global Engagement will request an annual report form from each International Chapter.
  • Host elections for your International Chapter in accordance with your bylaws. The results of officer elections must be reported in the Community Connection database by 01 December of each year.
  • Annual reports, including a financial form, must be submitted to the ACS Office of Global Engagement by 15 February of each year via the Community Connection database. Please note that submissions made in January and February are the annual report for the previous year. 
  • International Chapters must maintain a membership of at least 25 Members of the Society each year. International Chapters that fail to do so for three consecutive years will be dissolved. 
  • International Chapters must keep detailed records of the receipt and uses of any funds received from the ACS; this includes annual allotments.
  • The Committee on International Activities (IAC) will review annual reports each year.
  • In accordance with the ACS Governing Documents, IAC will conduct an evaluation every five years of each International Chapter and make recommendations to the ACS Board of Directors on their continuation.


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