ACS International Strategic Alliances

Development Guidelines and Approval Process

Authority to review and approve ACS International Alliances and Partnerships is specifically delegated to the Board Committee on Professional and Member Relations (P&MR) under provision of Bylaw VI and Board Regulation 3.

ACS committees, technical divisions, local sections, and other ACS units may enter into an international strategic alliance to:

  • Generate opportunities for the creation and exchange of scientific and related information;
  • Create and sustain place-based and/or virtual scientific and educational networks;
  • Catalyze advocacy on global challenges where chemistry can provide solutions;
  • Create opportunities for coordinated, increased research funding for chemistry;
  • Further the positive image of chemistry on a global scale.

Strategic Partners

Partners for the ACS may include – but are not restricted to - scientific societies, regional/global/intergovernmental organizations, other non-governmental organizations and/or industry associations.