How Can I Battle the Fear of Failure in the Workplace?

Four career experts share advice on how to boost your confidence in the workplace
Dharshi Bopegedera, ACS Career Consultant
Dharshi Bopegedera, ACS Career Consultant

"Trust in yourself!"

Trust in yourself! You were hired because you are qualified and capable. Trust your judgment. Do not be afraid to ask questions. It is better to ask when you are in doubt rather than make a costly mistake. Also, consider cultivating friends who will help you and/or a mentor who will guide you. 

Paul Lobben
Paul Lobben, Scientist, Thermo Fisher Scientific

"Seek to collaborate..."

Align yourself with colleagues that exhibit the characteristics you admire.  Often in team projects, the most effective team is that with a diverse perspective, in which the talents of the individual complement those of the team.  Seek to collaborate with that person on a project, or establish a time to meet regularly for lunch or coffee and discuss business.  With a positive attitude, demonstrated effort and a willingness to learn you will gain that competitive edge.

Michael Kenney
Michael Kenney, ACS Career Consultant

" I suggest finding a mentor quickly..."

Doubt and fear are not, necessarily, bad – unless these feelings hinder our ability to accomplish our task. Yet, these are very real feelings and they do hamper us. I suggest finding a mentor quickly after starting a new position. Someone with some level of experience in your organization. Work with this mentor to find ways to overcome these fears or realize that the doubt is there for a reason – pursue that reason.

Holley Waldron
Holley Waldron, Human Resources Business Partner, American Chemical Society

"... Assess the situation and understand the source of your fear or lack of confidence."

No matter what point one may be in his or her career, doubt, fear, and crisis of confidence are real possibilities. The much-needed first step – though often less taken – is to assess the situation and understand the source of your fear or lack of confidence. Step two is to share your thoughts with a valued advisor to develop a solution. Each day is a new one, and our value in the workplace grows with each experience. 

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