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Translating University Research to the Marketplace - BMGT BILL Talk

Joseph M. DeSimone, Co-Founder & Former CEO, Carbon speaks to Injection molding, the "printing press" of 3D manufacturing

Youtube ID: 3USeOjDZifU

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Joseph M. DeSimone, Co-Founder & Former CEO, Carbon: [00:00:00] It was a little daunting to get the invite about the billing for the talk about laughs and all these other things. Being a Ted talk at a technical meeting, I was at some of the earlier sessions, and they're pretty technical. So I couldn't help but throw in a few things,but I'm going to do it in a way that I think should be useful in sort of a bit of a TED-style, certainly not much of a normal ACS talk.

I think a perspective is that product teams are the tipping point of the spear of the economy. Those in our various companies that bring new products forward are really the ones that drive the innovation and the cadence of the economy when you start bringing new products forward. It's really interesting that societies, when you think about the Bronze Age and the Iron Age and all those different perspectives that economists looked back and historians look back. What we do as a society are often limited by our ability to make things. The economy is directly tied to our ability to fabricate and manufacture products.

Polymeric products, when you think about something like this part here, are made by injection molding. Injection molding is the printing press of 3D manufacture. For you really young people who don't know what a printing press is, basically, it was a device that had a master template of letters that were inked. You open it up, you slide a piece of paper in and you close it. The ink is transferred to the paper, it opens back up and the paper comes out. That's the way we make polymeric products today.

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