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Matt Grandbois channels Planes, Trains & Automobiles to get back home
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Matt Grandbois, Strategic Partnership Manager, DuPont Electronics & Industrial
Matt Grandbois, Strategic Partnership Manager, DuPont Electronics & Industrial

Matt Grandbois, Strategic Partnership Manager, DuPont Electronics & Industrial 

Matt Grandbois is currently a strategic partnership manager at DuPont Electronics & Industrial where he leads business development efforts in high-performance and high-reliability electronics end markets. Over the past decade, Matt has taken his career beyond the bench from when he started at Dow Chemical as an R&D scientist to increasingly focus on the commercialization of chemistries needed for next generation electronic devices. 

Matt is an active volunteer with the American Chemical Society (ACS), where he continues to serve in many leadership positions. He is the 2022 chair of the Central Massachusetts Local Section (CMSACS), 2022 Immediate-Past Chair of the ACS Division of Business Development & Management (BMGT), Councilor for the ACS Division of Professional Relations (PROF), and an elected member of the ACS Committee on Council Policy (CPC). Matt is also an active and reoccurring speaker on the topic of professional development for scientists for the ACS Webinars platform. 

Matt received a BA in chemistry (ACS Approved) and BA in music from Augustana College (University) in Sioux Falls, SD. He earned his PhD in chemistry from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. Matt is a former Fulbright Scholar to Norway, holds a Six Sigma Black Belt, is a Licensed Certified professional on Product & Portfolio Management, and is a named author/inventor on dozens of publications and granted patents. 


What is the one essential piece of personal tech you always travel with? 

Personal headphones or ear buds. Works with phone and with in-flight entertainment options.

Window or aisle?


Where would your dream business trip take you? What appeals to you about this destination? 

I love Southeast Asia, as that has been a frequent destination over the years. Great friends and amazing food. Yet I haven’t been to Europe in a very long time, so that may be a better “dream destination” right now. 

How do you pass the time while flying?

Depends on the trip. I try to catch up on reading reports while flying domestic but try to catch up on sleep while flying internationally. 

Favorite ACS meeting site?

Tony Bennett said it best…“I left my heart in San Francisco”…. 

What do you do to alleviate jet lag? 

Coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. 

Was there a business trip you have taken that went particularly badly? What happened?

Most trips have gone well, but I had a trip coming back from Asia with a connection through JFK. My daughter had her first dance recital the day I had planned on getting back, but there was a thunderstorm that was rolling in between NYC and Boston that resulted in my last flight being cancelled. There was no way I was missing that dance recital, so I fought through the jet lag of a 14-hour international flight and drove the last 4 hours in a last-minute rental car. I made the recital but crashed into bed immediately afterwards.  

Your best business travel tip for readers of ACS Industry Matters?

Try all the foods, especially ones of out your comfort zone. Local cuisine is one of the most authentic expressions of culture and serves as a chance to bond with colleagues and friends. Get a cheesesteak in Philadelphia. Crack open a lobster while in Boston. Enjoy some authentic ramen while in Tokyo. Get schnitzel in Munich. Chances are you may discover a new favorite food, and worst case it becomes a good story to share with your friends and colleagues. Bon appetit!

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