What's in your iPhone?

Reactions - Uncover the Chemistry in Everyday Life

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The iPhone 6 is almost here and the preorders are piling up. But what do you really know about the insides of the iPhone 6, or any smartphone for that matter? We've found the chemical elements lurking inside a smartphone with help from our friends at the Compound Interest blog.

A typical smartphone contains about 300 milligrams of silver and 30 milligrams of gold. Not to mention small amounts of extremely rare elements like praseodymium, gadolinium and terbium. And what's with this "ion-strengthened glass" that Apple is bragging about? It's all about the potassium bath your phone takes before it rolls off the assembly line.

Check out the infographic over at Compound Interest: http://www.compoundchem.com/2014/02/1...


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