Committee on Chemists with Disabilities Awards

ChemLuminary Award

Chemists with Disabilities Inclusion Award

The CWD-sponsored ChemLuminary Award recognizes the outstanding effort(s) of a local section or division that supports the mission of the ACS Chemists with Disabilities Committee: to promote educational and professional opportunities in the chemical sciences and in fields requiring knowledge of chemistry for persons with disabilities. The award also recognizes events to help educators, advocates and families of persons with disabilities. We are looking for outstanding events that demonstrate pertinence to the CWD mission, activities accessible to the audience and program impact on the target audience.

CWD Travel Award for ACS National Meetings

The purpose of the ACS-CWD (American Chemical Society – Committee on Chemists with Disabilities) Travel Award is to encourage and support the participation of undergraduate/graduate students and postdocs with disabilities who will present a talk or poster at a Spring or Fall ACS Meeting. Up to $3,000 is awarded per recipient. Deadline to submit applications for the Spring 2024 ACS Meeting is 5:00 PM EST Wednesday, January 31, 2024.