Committee on Professional and Member Relations

Committee Information
CommitteeCommittee on Professional and Member Relations (P&MR)
TypeBoard committee, appointment by the Board Chair
Mission StatementUnderstand and advance through Board‐level policy recommendations the professional and economic interests of ACS members worldwide.
Responsibilities and Duties

ACS Board Regulation I, Sec. 17

a. developing plans to advance the members’ professional and economic interests and stature; (12/2/16)

b. monitoring, assessing, and facilitating the SOCIETY’S progress on Diversity, Inclusion and Respect;

c. obtaining the best possible understanding of the members’ wishes concerning SOCIETY policies and activities in these areas; (12/2/16)

d. assuring a similar understanding by the membership of the SOCIETY’s objectives, policies, and activities in the professional and member relations field; and to seek ideas about ways to extend SOCIETY influence in these areas; and (12/2/16)

e. overseeing the SOCIETY awards program to recognize accomplishments by persons and organizations within the fields of activity of the SOCIETY. The Committee shall develop policies, rules, and regulations for the SOCIETY awards program; recommend to the Board the creation or termination of SOCIETY awards and new award sponsors; establishing SOCIETY award selection and canvassing committees as needed and recommending appointments thereto to the Chair of Board; and ensuring to the extent possible, that the SOCIETY awards program is administered fairly and without bias and encouraging broad and diverse participation in all phases of the program. To assist it in administering these award-related duties, the Committee is authorized to establish as a subcommittee a national awards advisory board, whose members shall be appointed jointly by the Chair of the Board and the Chair of P&MR. (12/2/16)

Meeting ScheduleFour times per year to the start of the Board of Directors’ meeting. Interim electronic ballots as necessary. Zoom and teleconferences as needed.
2024 Roster
  • Katherine Lee, Chair
  • Kimberly Agnew-Heard
  • Lisa Balbes
  • Mary Carroll
  • Lisa Houston
  • Malika Jeffries-EL
  • Lee Latimer
  • Will Lynch
Staff LiaisonLaTrease E. Garrison