The 3D Printing Revolution: Advances in Material Design and Methods

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3D printing is revolutionizing our world with advances in medicine, food, energy, and water technologies. Additive manufacturing places macromolecules in precise locations to prepare complex geometric objects of advanced materials in a more sustainable manner, leading to more efficient use and less waste. Furthermore, there is a high number of opportunities for chemists and materials scientists in the 3D printing area. It is important to understand the methods and demands for high performance and formulated structure-composition-property relationships.

Join us for a free interactive 1.5 hour broadcast co-produced by the ACS Division of Polymer chemistry that will feature two chemists working to progress 3D printing into the future.

Timothy Long, Professor in the Department of Chemistry at Virginia Tech will discuss advanced manufacturing where a more tailored approach to reactivity and rheology is necessary to advance the field. During his presentation, you will discover why complementary printing platforms that include vat photopolymerization, binder jetting, powder bed fusion, direct ink write, and melt extrusion are all collectively required in one 3D printer to catalyze the next industrial revolution in manufacturing.

Rigoberto Advincula, Research Professor at Case Western Reserve University and the University of Tennessee, as well a Group Leader at Oak Ridge National Laboratory will discuss the methods and approaches for advanced polymer materials and nanomaterials that help prepare for high performance requirements. During his presentation, you will discover about the advances in shape memory materials and superelastomers.

What You Will Learn

  • Polymer design for additive manufacturing: structure-property relationships 
  • Advanced analytical tools to accelerate discovery in additive manufacturing 
  • Overview of printing platforms and recent advances in polymer design for complex geometric parts  
  • Advances in 3D printing of polymer materials 
  • Preparation of new materials through the use of nanofillers
  • Characterization and evaluation of 3D Printed thermoplastics, thermosets, and elastomers


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Timothy Long
Virginia Tech

Rigoberto Advincula
Case Western Reserve University

Tomonori Saito
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

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