Bloodstains & Biomolecules: From Crime Scene to the Silver Screen

ACS Webinars

Are you excited for the return of television's most infamous blood spatter expert next month? If so, this webinar is for you! How do the bloodstains you see in TV shows and the silver screen stack up to the real world? Discover the key processes observed in forensic bloodstain formation and degradation, and how this information is used to develop realistic simulants to blood.

Join Theresa Stotesbury of Ontario Tech University as she discusses how blood in real-life behaves in forensic scenarios before trying to make synthetic alternatives for research, special effects in movies, or even your next Halloween Party!

This ACS Webinar is co-produced with ACS Reactions and moderated by Monica Mattesi of Stony Brook University.

What You Will Learn

  • The forensic chemistry utilized by a bloodstain pattern analyst
  • How biomolecule degradation is critical for “aging” a bloodstain
  • What forensic blood substitutes are and how they are used in forensic science


Theresa Stotesbury
Assistant Professor, Forensic Science,
Ontario Tech University

Monica Mattesi
Science Educator,
Stony Brook University


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