Starting a Company—Do You Need a Business Plan?

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In order to bring inventions and discoveries to commercialization, the founders of chemistry and biochemical companies require significant amounts of funding over an extended period of time.

Join Jim Skinner of Terregena, Inc. and the ACS Division of Small Chemical Businesses during this free interactive broadcast as he reviews the elements of a comprehensive Business Plan, including the importance of financials and milestones. Learn how your Business Plan will demonstrate to investors why an investment in your company will provide them with a compelling return on their investment and will help to achieve your company’s goals.

What You Will Learn

  • Why it is critically important to have detailed Business Plan
  • What are the sections of a Business Plan
  • What is the goal of the Business Plan



Jim Skinner
Terregena Inc.

H.N. Cheng
2020 ACS President-Elect

Diane Grob Schmidt
2015 ACS President

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