The Chemistry Magic Behind Popcorn

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Discoveries in Mexico and Peru suggest that the earliest popcorn parties date back to cave people thousands of years ago. Undoubtedly, in roasting corn over an open fire and quickly collecting the popped kernels, the three-second rule was born. Legend has it that popped corn was first shared with the pilgrims during the first Thanksgiving. In modern times, popcorn has exploded as a favorite snack in the United States and is fast bursting into international fame. Americans consume an estimated 17 billion quarts of the white fluffy stuff every year. How has chemistry aided in making popcorn a favorite treat?

What You Will Learn

  • The differences between regular corn and popcorn
  • Challenges in flavoring popcorn
  • Popcorn is a good for you snack
  • And much more…

The Fine Print

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Meet the Expert

Sara Risch
Popz Europe

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