How Computational Chemistry is Accelerating Drug Discovery

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Structural biology and computational chemistry can combine to accelerate the delivery of clinical candidates with excellent overall profiles. For instance, today it is possible to use state-of-the art protein science and structural biology to support a structure-based-drug-design (SBDD) approach that harnesses the power of computational chemistry that accelerates the discovery process. Nimbus Therapeutics has used these approaches and established a successful track record of delivering clinical candidates for targets such as Tyk2 and HPK1 that have proven difficult for other drug makers to tackle.

Join Scott Edmondson, Sr. Vice President and Head of Chemistry at Nimbus Therapeutics, as he discusses how SBDD is leveraged to deliver clinical candidates that are differentiated from others in their class by their exquisite selectivity. During this free interactive broadcast discover how Nimbus has expanded beyond kinases to tackle even more challenging targets in cancer and immunology such as CTPS1, Cbl-b, and WRN.

This ACS Webinar was moderated by Nicholas Meanwell of Bristol-Myers Squibb and co-produced with the ACS Division of Medicinal Chemistry, American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists, and ACS Publications.

What You Will Learn

  • How drug discovery can be significantly enhanced through application of computational chemistry strategies
  • How structure-based drug discovery can be used as a means to differentiate chemical matter based on selectivity
  • What’s next for computational chemistry accelerated drug discovery



Scott Edmondson
Sr. Vice President and Head of Chemistry,
Nimbus Therapeutics

Nicholas Meanwell
Vice President,
Bristol-Myers Squibb

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