Enhancing Research Productivity through Student-Led Laboratory Safety Teams

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Housekeeping is inherent in everyday research activities. The constant need for maintenance necessitates a strong use of protocols and documentation in all organizations. Though this is even more critical for academic institutions given the rapid turnover of student researchers, many academic labs lack such structure.

Join Jessica Martin, Kali Miller, Monica Nyansa, and Sarah Zinn, leaders in the development and expansion of graduate researcher Laboratory Safety Teams (LSTs), as they share their stories of how their experiences in the lab motivated them to propagate the LST Movement. Discover a bottom-up approach which aims to promote research productivity.

This ACS Webinar is moderated by Ralph Stuart of Keene State College and co-produced with the ACS Division of Chemical Health and Safety and the ACS Committee on Chemical Safety.

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What You Will Learn

  • The motivation behind graduate student-led safety initiatives
  • How lab productivity is often inextricably linked to lab housekeeping
  • How LSTs can empower future lab leaders to collaborate on resolving safety continuity challenges


Jessica Martin
ACS Division of Chemical Health and Safety

Kali Miller
ACS Division of Chemical Health and Safety

Monica Nyansa
ACS Division of Chemical Health and Safety

Sarah Zinn
ACS Division of Chemical Health and Safety

Ralph Stuart
Environmental Safety Manager,
Keene State College
& Past Chair,
ACS Committee on Chemical Safety

Co-Produced With

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