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Building Green: New Advances in Sustainable Homes

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Everyone needs a roof over their heads, but how can we ensure that the resources required to build and maintain our abodes do not adversely affect the ecosystems that we all call home?

Join a panel of entrepreneurs, architects, and engineers as they present advances in the sustainable use of resources in residential housing that can be applied to both existing and new residential dwellings. During this free interactive broadcast learn how housing design, innovative construction materials, and community regulations can lead to better sustainability and comfort.

What You Will Learn

  • How greater sustainability and comfort go hand in hand
  • The roles that housing design, innovative construction materials, and efficient construction engineering can play in sustainability
  • How new systems for water, natural gas, and electricity are improving how homes operate
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Marc Duey
Duce Management

Rob Fleming
Thomas Jefferson University

Louis Padulo
University City Science Center

Edgar Stach
Thomas Jefferson University


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