Ready to Drink Yet? The Chemistry of How Wine Flavor Changes During Aging

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Part of wine’s mystique is that its sensory qualities can change slowly – and in some cases favorably – over months or years of storage. Over the last several decades, researchers have been able to identify key flavor compounds that can change during storage and contribute positively or negatively to aged wine.

Join Gavin Sacks, Associate Professor of Enology at Cornell University during this free edited recording, as he discusses what is known about the chemistry of wine aging and what winemakers can do (or could potentially do) to achieve better wine longevity. After this free interactive webinar, you will have plenty to think about during your next trip to the wine store. 

What You Will Learn

  • What are some of the limited number of ‘textbook’ reactions that can occur under typical abiotic wine storage conditions like when aqueous, at low pH, at low oxygen, and at room temperature
  • Insight into how wine chemists use the complexity of the wine matrix to predict the loss of desirable sensory qualities during aging
  • Why some types of wine “age poorly” and others “age well”


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Meet the Experts

Gavin Sacks
Cornell University

Beth Burzynski
Cornell University

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