Membership Roster

Committee on Community Activities (CCA)

Committee Members

The 2017 roster for Committee on Community Activities includes the following:

Committee Members:
  • Michael B. McGinnis
    Committee Chair
    Green Mountain Local Section
  • Neal Abrams
    Central New York Local Section
  • Janet A. Asper
    Virginia Local Section
  • Holly L. Davis
    Georgia Local Section
  • Shawn M. Dougherty
    Northeast Tennessee Local Section
  • Jacqueline A. Erickson
    North Jersey Local Section
  • George H. Fisher
    South Florida Local Section
  • Kenneth P. Fivizzani
    Chicago Local Section 
  • Melissa L. Golden
    San Joaquin Valley Local Section
  • David Katz
    Southern Arizona Local Section
  • Avrom C. Litin
    Chicago Local Section
  • Ressano Machado
    LaCrosse-Winona Local Section
  • Alex M. Madonik
    California Local Section
  • Regina M. Malczewski
    Midland Local Section
  • Kim M. Morehouse
    Chemical Society of Washington Local Section
  • Verrill M. Norwood III
    Chattanooga Local Section
  • Richard G. Rogers
    Illinois-Iowa Local Section
  • Alexsa Silva
    Binghamton Local Section
  • Cary A. Supalo
    Princeton Local Section
  • Lori S. Van Der Sluys
    Central Pennsylvania Local Section
  • Sanda P. Sun
    Orange County Local Section
Committee Associates
  • Susan MacGregor Batenhorst
    Colorado Local Section
  • David Heroux
    Green Mountain Local Section
  • Veronica I. Jaramillo
    Southern California Local Section
  • An-Phong Le
    Florida Local Section
  • Sally B. Mitchell
    Central New York Local Section
  • George W. Ruger
    Mid-Hudson Local Section
Committee Liaisons
  • Dee Ann Casteel
    Liaison from ConC
    Sesquehanna Valley Local Section
  • CCS—Committee on Chemical Safety
  • CEI—Committee on Environmental Improvement
  • CMA—Committee on Minority Affairs
  • ConC—Committee on Committees
  • CPRC—Committee on Public Relations and Communications
  • CTA—Committee on Technician Affiliates
  • CWD—Committee on Chemists with Disabilities
  • DAC—Divisional Activities Committee
  • E&T—Evaluation and Technology
  • LSAC—Local Section Activities Committee
  • PDP—Program Development and Promotion 
  • VER—Volunteer Engagement and Recognition
  • YCC—Younger Chemists Committee

ACS Staff Liaisons to Subcommittees

  • Lily L. Raines
    Manager, Science Outreach
    Staff Liaison to CCA
  • David C. Horwitz
    Program Manager, Science Outreach
    Staff Liaison to PDP Subcommittee
  • Marcia Gaysue
    Senior Membership Associate, Science Outreach
    Staff Liaison to VER Subcommittee
  • Tanya Fogg
    Special Projects Manager, Local Section and International Chapter Support
    Staff Liaison to T&T Subcommittee