Responsibilities - Publications Committee

The committee shall be responsible for:

  • Assessing editorial quality and content of the publication program of the Society, including the system of primary publications of books, journals, scientific communications, magazines, the official organ of the Society, and miscellaneous publications; and reporting its findings to the Board of Directors;
  • Serving as a channel for communication among Society members, the Council, other users of the Society’s publications, the Governing Board for Publishing, and the Board of Directors to ensure that needs and support are recognized, researched, and addressed;
  • Consulting with the editors of the above publications concerning editorial policy;
  • Consulting with the Board of Directors upon matters of appointments concerning the above publications;
  • Making recommendations to the Board of Directors related to the needs and adequacy of the publications of the Society, including the need for curtailment of ongoing efforts and the initiation of new efforts, and recommending to the Council and the Board of Directors any changes in these publications;
  • Advising the Board of Directors, Council, and staff on copyright policy and recommending actions to protect ACS copyright;
  • Informing and educating members on copyright through national and regional symposia and through articles in the official organ of the Society and other ACS publications;
  • Monitoring developments on copyright issues at international and national levels; and
  • Informing the Council and the Board of Directors of the Committee’s activities.

Chemical and Engineering News Editorial Board

The following shall be the operational responsibilities of the Chemical & Engineering News Editorial Board: (12/8/96)

  • The Editorial Board shall meet at least twice a year (once at each national ACS meeting); additional meetings may be scheduled at the discretion of the Chair, or at the request of any five members of the Editorial Board.
  • The Editorial Board shall recommend to the Committee on Publications editorial policy and general guidelines for C&EN.
  • The Editorial Board shall advise the editor of C&EN on matters of editorial policy, and shall respond to the editor’s requests for guidance.
  • The Editorial Board shall continuously review and assess the effectiveness of C&EN in meeting its objectives. Member opinion shall be actively sought and considered. Recommendations for improvement shall be discussed with the editor and presented to the Committee on Publications.
  • The Editorial Board shall receive periodic written status reports from the editor of C&EN (not less than once per year) on current editorial content of the magazine. “Problem areas,” as designated by the editor or members of the Editorial Board, shall be discussed, and recommendations for improvements shall be made.
  • The Editorial Board shall strive to serve as a communications link between the ACS Board of Directors (through the Committee on Publications) and the editor and staff, as well as a bridge between the membership and the magazine.
  • When requested, the Editorial Board shall serve as a mediation board for adjudication of conflicts between the editor and members, Sections, Divisions, or other official units of the SOCIETY.

Membership of the Chemical & Engineering News Editorial Board

There shall be a Chemical & Engineering News Editorial Board, of which the Chair of the Committee on Publications shall be the Chair. The Editorial Board shall have a total of seven members. Two of the C&EN Editorial Board members shall be the Chair of the Board of Directors and the President of the SOCIETY, or their respective designees chosen from the membership of the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors. The remaining four members of the Editorial Board shall be appointed jointly by the Chair of the Board and the Chair of the Committee on Publications, provided that at least four of the seven members of the Editorial Board shall be members of the Committee on Publications. All members of the Editorial Board shall be expected to keep themselves informed on the operation and content of C&EN and the Guidelines for its publication. The C&EN Editorial Board shall review regularly the editorial performance of the magazine and, at least once a year, shall report its findings to the Committee on Publications. (12/8/96)