Educational Resources

Student Engagement

  • Illustrated Poem Contest
    As part of every NCW celebration, the ACS sponsors a national illustrated poem contest for students (Grades K-12).

Educator Resources

  • Celebrating Chemistry (In English) | En Español
    The Celebrating Chemistry publication is designed to engage and educate children (Grades 4-6) in the basic principles of chemistry and is available in both English and Spanish. Enjoy the NCW 2016 online edition, "Solving Mysteries Through Chemistry".
  • Meg A. Mole Career Profiles
    Read all about Meg's many adventures! These interviews are an excellent resource for teachers to inform their students about the activities chemists perform every day.
  • ChemMatters
    This article from the October 2016 issue of ChemMatters covers topics pertaining to fingerprints.
  • This is an article from ChemMatters on art forgeries.
  • NCW 2016 PowerPoint
    Download and utilize the PowerPoint, which has information and fun facts about the connection between chemistry and solving mysteries!
  • Art Forgeries Article
    This article describes the different pigments of blue color and helps understand art forgeries.
  • Chemical Heritage Foundation
    The Chemical Heritage Foundation (CHF) fosters an understanding of chemistry’s impact on society.
  • Science Safety Guidelines

Mystery-related Article and Activities

ACS Webinars

ACS Webinars will be allowing access to all the on-demand webinars during National Chemistry Week from October 16-22.  Some of the theme related webinars are listed below.

  • “CSI Reality: Chemistry in the Crime Labs”  Jason Schaff, U.S. Government forensic chemist, discusses the different disciplines within forensic chemistry and gives an in-depth perspective of day-to-day life in a forensic laboratory.
  •  “Forensic Toxicology: Cracking the Case with Chemistry” Jason Schaff, U.S. Government forensic chemist, paints a more accurate picture of how chemists work to gather the facts and evidence that can be presented in court and discusses the analytical and interpretive challenges related to commonly encountered toxicants, including ethanol, THC, and various other licit and illicit drugs. 
  •  “The Chemistry of Death” - Lucas Zarwell, Chief Toxicologist at the DC Medical Examiner's Office, explores the chemistry of death and breaks down the chemistry that begins as life ends.
  • “Evidence from the Smoking Gun: Organic Components of Gunshot Residue”- Suzanne Bell, commissioner for the National Commission on Forensic Science and the Forensic Science Education Programs Accreditation Commission (FEPAC), describes recent developments in the analysis of organic compounds associated with firearms discharge and how this evidence can be used to bolster existing forensic methods of characterization.
Mole testing DNA
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