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Grants and Funding for Two-Year Colleges

Grants and other funding can help support and grow programs and activities. They can also provide extra visibility and credibility both inside and outside of your institution.

The funding opportunities listed below are either targeted for or available to two-year colleges. In most cases, faculty apply for the grants and administer them if awarded. 

Funding for student activities

Funding for projects and research

Funding for partnerships

Funding for programs

Funding to support scholarships

Travel and professional development grants

  • ACS Natiional Meeting Professional Development Travel Grants (Now open!)
    $1,500 grants for two-year college faculty to support promising students' professional development at the ACS Spring 2018 National Meeting in New Orleans
  • Dorothy and Moses Passer Education Fund
    Supports the professional development of educators at two- and four-year institutions
  • CIBA Travel Awards
    Supports student travel to ACS meetings to present green chemistry research
  • ACS Leadership Development System Scholarship Program
    Scholarships to participate in facilitated ACS Leadership Development™ courses
  • ACS Local Sections
    Many local sections provide travel grants for their members. Contact your local section for more information.
  • ACS Technical Divisions
    Many technical divisions provide travel grants for their members. Contact your local section for more information.

Directories and databases

    One-stop resource for searching and applying for federal grants across all government departments.
  • Guidestar*
    Information on the resources and operations of non-profit institutions.

Advice for Grant-Writing

Want extra experience with grant writing? Become a reviewer!

Reviewing proposals is a great way to learn how to write them, and NSF is always seeking reviewers. Complete the reviewer recruitment form* on the DUE homepage* if you are interested in becoming a reviewer.

*This resource is available outside of ACS and is provided for informational use only. Listing of a product or service on this website does not constitute an endorsement by ACS.

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