Financial Aid for Two-Year College Chemistry Students

Two-year colleges may be less expensive than four-year colleges, but that doesn’t make them cheap. Your first stop should be your college’s financial aid office. The financial aid office will know what scholarships and loans are available through the college. The office will also help coordinate whatever financial aid you do obtain.

Here are some other resources that may help you find the financial aid you need.

ACS Scholarships

  • ACS Scholars
    Renewable scholarships for underrepresented minority students studying chemistry or chemistry-related fields, such as environmental science, toxicology, and chemical technology
  • ACS Rubber Division Scholarships
    Scholarships for students pursuing a career in the chemistry of elastomers
    (Note: You must be transferring to a four-year institution to be eligible.)
  • Priscilla Carney Jones Scholarship
    Scholarships for women pursuing careers in chemistry and related fields
    (Note: You must be transferring to a four-year institution to be eligible.)

Government Resources

Other Organizations

Student Travel Grants

Want to present at an ACS meeting but don’t know how to pay for it? See if your ACS local section offers travel grants, or look below for other travel grants and awards.

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Contact Us

Is there a financial aid resource ACS should know about? Contact the ACS Office of Two-Year Colleges at or 1-800-227-5558, ext. 6108.