Information for International Students

Graduate Level Chemical Sciences in the USA: An Internet Guide for International Students and Scholars.

Target Audience

ACS recognizes that there is an ongoing need for information for students worldwide to explore opportunities to study graduate-level chemical sciences in the USA.

A variety of Internet sources now dynamically provide a wealth of information on higher education in the USA, school and university systems, fields of study, application and admission practices, financial assistance, and living in the USA.

The information presented here is intended as a resource for any student, faculty or advising professional seeking information on graduate chemical sciences educational opportunities in the USA.


This section contains Web references relating to information for international graduate students on aspects of the US educational system. Specifically, there is information on procedures to identify opportunities and prepare for graduate study in the chemical sciences in the USA.

The information is organized into five key areas each of which provides references to relevant resources:

  • Overview
    General information about the organization and quality of US graduate studies
  • Resources
    Background on chemical science graduate degree programs in the USA including information on programs, courses of study, and institutions
  • Admission
    Information on standardized testing, admission procedures, credit transfer, visa and immigration matters
  • Finances
    Financial aspects of studying in the USA which details planning and sources to cover costs associated with graduate study in the USA
  • Life in the USA
    Preparing to live and study in the USA as an international graduate student.

Disclaimer: The websites provided do not constitute an endorsed or comprehensive listing, but they will provide a good start on what is available.