Two-Year/Community College Students

If you are taking chemistry at a two-year college, you are in good company. According to a National Science Foundation report, more than 40% of students earning bachelor’s or master’s degrees in science and engineering have attended a two-year college. Plus, a separate study from the National Center for Education Statistics shows that over 40% of students enrolling in a two-year college do so with the express goal of acquiring or improving job skills.

Whether you are planning on pursuing a bachelor’s degree or a job (or both), the following resources can help.

Get the Most Out of Your Education

Start a Chemistry Career

  • Careers and the Chemical Sciences 
    Read profiles of different chemistry-based careers to find the one that's right for you.
  • Internships
    Internships give you valuable work experience, sometimes for pay and/or academic credit. See listings of internships, service learning, and cooperative education opportunities.
  • ACS Careers
    Look up career information, learn about workshops and career fairs, search for a job, meet a career counselor, and more! Most services are free or reduced fee for ACS student members.

Find Networking Opportunities

ACS has many venues for connecting chemical technology students with educators, employers, and technicians.

  • ACS Student Chapters
    Participate in a wide range of programs and activities to enhance your college experience and prepare for a successful career.
  • Meetings and Conferences
    Attend ACS local, regional, and national meetings to meet chemical professionals and employers, take a short course, or learn about advancements in your field.
  • Younger Chemists Committee
    Learn how the Younger Chemists Committee works locally and nationally to address the specific needs of younger and early-career chemists.

Have Some Fun

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