Meeting Information for Undergraduates

Why Attend an ACS Meeting?

Illustration of students on a laptop attending an online meeting

Whether you are honing your communication skills by presenting your research in one of the poster or oral sessions, or are attending one of the many networking opportunities, ACS meetings provide an opportunity to learn and grow as a young professional.

Once you attend an ACS meeting, you’ll have plenty of advice and experiences to share with your student chapter or other chemistry students.

ACS Fall and Spring Meetings

ACS Fall and Spring Meetings provide an opportunity to learn about many career paths that are possible with a degree in chemistry. These meetings are the largest gathering of professional chemists in the country. They are there to share their research with the chemistry community (you!) and expand their network. Networking with these seasoned professionals is one of the best ways a chemistry student can prepare for a successful career. 

See all activities for students in conjunction with the Spring 2021 ACS Meeting.

Regional Meetings

Regional meetings are an excellent way to meet with chemists and fellow students in your geographic area. Fostering these relationships can help to lay the foundation for your professional network and could help you land a job! See all upcoming ACS Regional Meetings.