ACS Student Chapter Reports

Student chapter reports are an opportunity for chapters to inform ACS about their activities throughout the year. Nominations for a Student Chapter Award are based on exceptional activities, programs, initiatives described in chapter reports, after being reviewed by faculty advisors from across the nation. The faculty review the reports (based on these criteria and considerations) and provide feedback on how to make the chapter more successful.

To remain active, a chapter must submit a report at least once every three years. (This system is only for chapters in the United States and Puerto Rico.)

Part of an International Student Chapter? Find out more about the International Student Chapters report, that is due at the same time, but has a different set of instructions. 

Submit a Chapter Report

  1. Log in to Student Chapters Online using your ACS member login information.
    If you are not an ACS member, sign up here.
  2. Update your chapter information, enter in events, and answer questions to build your report.
  3. Download the budget template to use when submitting your budget for the year.

Report Questions

Chapter development:
What specific events do you host to bond and promote camaraderie among your chapter? 

Name 1-2 major goal(s) that your chapter focused on during 2020 - 2021.  What approaches did you take to achieve them, and what challenges did you face?

Professional development:
What areas of professional development do you think your chapter needs to address most and which events did you hold that significantly contributed to your chapter's improvement in those areas? 


  • In what ways do you think your chapter had an impact on each of the following communities through service and outreach: your chapter/department, your university, and your local community? 
  • How did you incorporate NCW and/or Mole Day into your service activities?

COVID-19 and beyond:

  •  How has the pandemic strengthened your chapter? What practices/events did you develop that you plan on keeping?

Green chemistry:
Please provide a detailed summary of a minimum of three green chemistry activities, including a two to three sentence explanation of why you think each activity qualifies as green chemistry.

Please provide a budget narrative to accompany your budget sheet and include information such as: What is your primary or most effective form of fundraising and why? How did fundraising help members develop professional experience (sales skills, grant writing, etc.)? Did you have enough money to accomplish your goals for the year? NOTE: all chapter expenses and chapter income must be included on your budget sheet.


Browser and Technical Recommendations
The website works best with Mozilla Firefox, although should work on every browser. In order to get the best results from the website, we recommend that you clear your cache often and save frequently!

Why can’t I login?
You have to be an active ACS student member or faculty advisor of your chapter to login to Student Chapters Online. If you are a senior who has recently graduated and cannot login, please contact our office at We'll be able to give you access.

What do I do first?
Start by updating your chapter information at the start of the academic year. Under the “Chapter Information” section, add the roles of all your officers, and make sure the faculty advisor listed is correct. If the faculty advisor listed is not correct, please contact our office at

Do primary officers have to be ACS members?
Yes, at least 1 primary officer must be from the list of current ACS student members in your chapter. This allows our office to communicate with chapter leaders about important information and deadlines. 

Why does the roster not include all of our members?
If your roster has incorrect information, please send a list of the students you believe are ACS members to

How many of our chapter events should we include in the report?
All of them! Reviewers want to know all the events you are holding throughout the year including chapter business meetings. Fill each event with as much detail as you can, preferably right after the event has taken place so the details are fresh in your mind.

How many pictures can I load into the system? Can I upload videos as well?
While you can upload 5 documents, only share the best, high quality (300 DPI preferred) images. Do not create a collage or PDF of your pictures, in an effort to share more photos, as the quality is reduced. Links to videos can also be included in the event description text. 

When is the chapter report due?
The report is due on Wednesday, May 26, 2021, at 6:00 am in your timezone. Please contact as soon as possible if you have any difficulties submitting before this deadline.

Will we get an email notification when the report is submitted?
No, you will not get an automatic email notification from the Student Chapters Online website. We will, however, send a notification email to the chapter’s faculty advisors and president a few days after the submission deadline to confirm the report was submitted. 

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